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Before you make a decision on a salon, make sure you know what you’re tanning under. Just because a bed has a few more bulbs of the same wattage doesn’t mean you need to pay a higher price. Do your homework before you decide where to tan. It is not necessary to flip over in a standard bed with two acrylics. This is actually more harmful on the equipment. Lotion improves your color by 70 percent. It will allow your tan to last longer and you are preventing collagen loss in the skin.

This primarily causes more aging to occur when you tan and don’t use quality lotion. Your skin exfoliates and your tan is nothing but dead skin cells. When not using lotion your skin is drying out and exfoliating faster. In turn, you are losing your tan that much quicker. Lotions moisturize and fortify the skin with needed vitamins to allow your tan to be healthy and last longer. So the lotion purchase is actually saving you money. You will keep your color longer and thus will not have to tan as often.

We spend many hours researching the ingredients of the tanning lotions and skin care products that we supply to our customers. The highest quality vitamins and ingredients will give our customers better tanning results and overall healthier skin. Remember the old saying “You are what  you eat?”. Well, the same holds true for your skin. The effects of nutrition plays a dramatic role in the health of your skin and so does the products that you put on your skin. This is why we are a strong supporter of Designer Skin products. After all their logo says it all. ‘Nutrition for the skin’.

Thanks for tanning with us and being a part of our tanning family! Please send all questions or comments to [email protected]. Your suggestions and comments are welcomed!